E-commerce Product Listing Template Enhancements


The pandemic has done many things. Queue product supply chain woes and it hit a lot of e-commerce brands where it hurts the most. For major brands like Polaris this one of the most important things to them which was to get products into the hands of passionate customers with no delay whatsoever. 

As people browsed the myriad of e-commerce brands under Polaris Industries we had to address varying inventory levels for multiple e-commerce stores and make the online shopping experience effortless and hassle free.

My Role

My role was to optimize the CMS templates by updating design system components to scale across multiple product listing pages and product category pages. I collaborated with engineers, researchers, product managers and data scientists.


What did we learn

Through data we validated it didn’t make sense for our customers to visit duplicative product listings and skipping out on a purchase because it wasn’t available online. In an effort to provide a better customer experience for users visiting the website we provided more more efficient ways to browse, locate and purchase products online and brick and mortar locations.



Product Families


Product Availability