Onboarding dashboard & Navigation Framework



At Wantable, I was part of the team to build out the dashboard experience to help customers that recently converted to  reach a dashboard with access to all of the essential areas of the Wantable post-transaction experience. Before the dashboard customers didn’t have a way to manage their subscriptions and have a successful way of going from the marketing website into the logged-in experience. 

To achieve our main objective, we tried to create a dashboard for users to be able to log in and offer them a logged in experience where they would find all of the details around their service and be able to manage their subscription. 

We designed key screens where shoppers would be able to request clothes to be included in their monthly subscription box and give them a space to change the frequency of their subscription plan.

What did we learn

While user testing we learned customers wanted the ability to personalize and change their subscription plan settings. We tested several layouts and display of the plans they opt’ed into during their style quiz survey thru previously answered. This included the design of the logged in version of the navigational schema. 


  • Clickable prototype
  • Design System Components
  • User Testing

Header Redesign

This is the header redesign I worked on to accommodate key new pages and user preferences.


Feed Redesign

This is the feed that shared ongoing photos from the Wantable community.


Product Detail Pages

These are the product detail pages.


My Account & Plan

Plan Page-accordion
Plan Page-accordion-toggleButtons