AvaTax Onboarding Guidelines & Framework


As small business owners acquire management tools, they seek intuitive guidance to navigate learning curves and meet tax obligations seamlessly. Acknowledging the importance of first impressions, we focused on enhancing initial use and onboarding practices across our product line. However, inconsistent frameworks and guidelines for onboarding across our products caused friction for customers trying to activate and use their new tools effectively for business. Our onboarding experience became frustrating for customers and was a roadblock preventing customers from diving in.

My RoleĀ 

  • Set up a collaborative rhythm for product and engineering teams to define explicit product requirements, fostering a unified cross-app UX and implementing best practices for a seamless self-service customer experience. I turned simple requirements into clickable prototypes and contributed to our design system patterns and components.
  • Collaborated with content writers to create consistency across multiple apps, enhancing the onboarding process by eliminating redundancy and inconsistencies, thus improving the learning experience in the questionnaire.
  • Participated and contributed to the user experience research learning plans and gathered enough evidence to support decisions made on the flow. This ensured the UXR findings gathered validated framework versatility for integration with other products, enhancing scalability and usability. I then concept tested refined ideas and put forth prototypes to create buy in as I refined the overall design of the onboarding questionnaire.
  • Managed design standards across four work-streams to enable parity and supported the evolving product needs, enhancing user experience continuity.


What did we learn

Customers desired automated, streamlined sales tax assistance, but faced long wait times to access the product they paid for. We turned things around by prioritizing the enablement of this new onboarding framework, which increased new user sign-ups by 70% and reduced onboarding to 1-2 days for our flagship product AvaTax. This led to a company-wide initiative to integrate self-service features, enhancing customer experience and value realization. My designs for the onboarding framework, guidelines and standards in which continue to improvement of onboarding for additional products today.


  • Clickable prototype
  • Design System Components
  • Heuristic Evaluation & Comparative Analysis
  • User Testing