LegalZoom Annual Report Wizard Redesign



Our website didn’t recognize repeat visitors especially past customers. When small business owners are in a time pinch and need to get something done to keep their business legally compliant they need tools that respond and work swiftly. 

Our legacy Annual Report questionnaire design did the opposite of that. Especially for those that got a free subscription perk to file their annual report for their business for free. Customers who previously filed their annual report with us didn’t return to do it again with us. The data showed people didn’t file because it was a long extended process which resulted in significant drop off, fatigue and not remembering previously entered information to complete this business filing and treated each customer as a first time customer resulting in a poor user experience.

My Role

I redesigned the questionnaire to recognize repeat customers and first time customers and treating each experience like so.  I created responsive wireframes and user tested the designs with end users. While working on this at the same time I helped redesign major components of our design system and set a standard for how questionnaires work across other products on our website. 


  • Clickable prototype
  • Design System Components
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • User Testing





What did we learn

By collecting the email upfront we were able to figure out whether or not this was an existing customer and be able to route the customer the right experience early by personalizing the experience. We then made then made it easier for returning customers to make use of this offer and keep their business compliant. We validated that by focusing on the learning experience and providing tips along the way helped the user make decisions and answer questions with confidence. We increased overall usage and saw an improvement among the completion rate by 10% in the first month of launching this redesign.