About me

Hello there! I’m Jonathan and I come with batteries included.

My passion for design revolves around experiencing diverse culture while growing up and living in New York. I’ve developed a boundless curiosity for interaction design and designing for people.  I now call Los Angeles home.

Since graduating Parsons School of Design, I’ve been immersed into creating digital experiences that were backed by customers and data insights whether it’s an e-commerce website, SaaS platform or an enterprise product. When designing, I get excited to do this by engaging in numerous collaborative activities that in-turn makes wearing multiple hats fun. That’s because I thrive in fast paced environments, enjoy building on diverse perspectives and dealing with ambiguity.

My design processes are informed by engaging in UX Lean design practices that enable me to validate design ideas swiftly and rapid prototyping.  If this all sounds good to you and want to kickstart something together – let’s get in touch.


Design Capabilities

Experience Design

Persona Development

User Journey Mapping

Information Architecture


Rapid Prototyping

UI Design

Userflow and Task Analysis

Usability Testing

Card Sorting

Concept mapping

UX Research

Heuristic Evaluation Audit

Competitive and Comparative Analysis

Facilitating Workshops

Hot Jar

Quantum Metric


Google Analytics

Heat maps and user engagement analysis





Adobe Xd

Axure RP