Enterprise Medical Billing Dashboard & Workflows


Medical billing isn’t the most fun, but for some companies, it’s a complete nightmare. This is especially true for billing operations around the world with a large number of medical practices who juggle claims. Difficulties in tracking these claims result in declined revenues for providers and medical practices.

My Role 

As the UX lead on this project, I conducted and shadowed over 20+ medical billers that helped to inform the creation of a task management system with specific workflows to help optimize the tasks necessary for the creation of medical claims being sent to health insurance companies. I worked on designs to create fault-proof medical claims to be shared with health insurance companies so they can remit the services provided to patients and reduce the growing accounts receivable logs that were growing.

The team and I gathered all of the insights from the research and contextual inquiry done in the discovery phase to help shape the design of the new billing platform. The impact of the new billing platform helped reduced faulty claims by 40% and increased earnings for our customers.



What did we learn

Medical billers don’t do data entry the way regular consumers and online shoppers do. Efficiency is at the heart of their data entry activities and this means the user experience behind the filling out forms for this system needed workflows to support keyboard data entry over click and dragging/selecting from drop downs. Through rounds of internal and external user testing I optimized the designs to support hot key shortcuts and made the forms easier to tab through and process claims at a higher volume and reducing the error rate by 50%. Previously there was a high error rate due to the several screens opening and high effort to complete the data entry at scale and I helped streamline the numerous activities that were previously required to do their jobs.


  • Clickable prototype
  • Design System Components
  • Customer interviews
  • User Testing




Project Ideation

Enterprise Billing System