Karma Automotive HMI Redesign & Design System Build out


The main problem with karma was the complete lack of driver personalization, long start times, irregular design, and a screen that was difficult to use, ultimately harming the user experience.  I then had the opportunity to resolve these problems and give Karma a more modern, user-friendly design.

As the UX lead, I conducted usability test sessions, benchmarked additional electric vehicles for best practices on the HMI, created and maintained the style guide for the overall systems, created multiple wireframes for both the cluster and touchscreen designs, and led efforts for content strategy, user research and more.

As a solution for this redesign, I zeroed-in on challenges, added new processes to accelerate the software development production, increased clarity, and built out product specs, use cases, and sitemaps. I also created a sitemap for each system, assisted with engineering scoping and design forecasting, while also increasing clarity and consensus for project plans.

System Taxonomy

Infotainment Touch Screen & Climate Control Panel