Learn core UX skills

An engaging course covering essential Digital Product Design tools and Rapid Prototyping.

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Class objectives

Our material is practical and easy to digest and rewatch as many times as you'd like.

UX Fundamentals

You will learn the fundamentals to put together basic wirerames and mockups. No more explaining with doodles on paper napkins.

Increase efficiency with tools

Based on the most modern UX standards, you will learn some of the top tools being used today in the industry.

Build clickable prototypes

Take your static designs to the next level by making them interactive and use them to get feedback.

Design for Usability

Learn to leverage usability principles to ensure user friendliness of your app ideas.

Polish your Portfolio

Identify best practices on how to present your work and get feedback through our coaching sessions.

Network and meet others

Join the 1minuxtips Slack group and connect with past students and network with our growing community.

What makes this online UX course unique?

Don't spend hours fishing around for tutorials that only skim the surface. Get ready to use skills and access to coaching.

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Is the course time-limited?

No, you can learn at your own pace and you will have full access to the course material indefinitely. If you get coaching via Patreon we will add new content weekly so there's always something to come back for!

Can I rewatch the course videos?

Videos will be available to rewatch conveniently via your laptop, Apple TV or mobile phone. Take these UX lessons everywhere you go.

Do I need a Macbook?

No, but it helps! Studies have shown that the industry standard are Apple computers for most companies and startups. You will also get extra street cred. for using a Macbook in a cafe.

Do I need a background in design?

No need - you can access the course content at any time from any device using our online learning hub.

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About the instructor

Backed with 11+ years of experience working in large and small teams Jay has been pasionate about being an advocate for user centered design and facilitating conversations around the end user. Learn more about me here.

Intro to UX Design Software Tools & Prototyping
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“I loved having the ability to ask clarifying questions. Jay is fully responsive!”

— Chris D.