Oh, hey there. Who’s this Jonathan guy?

I’ve been designing digital experiences ever since “Geocities” and “Homestead” were a thing. Putting things out on the web for me was natural and that lead me to art school. Today, I hold a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design in New York. I now call Los Angeles ‘home’ by way of New York City.  I know a thing or two about the hustle and bustle. As a natural born hustler, I’m always intrigued and curious about what makes great products scale and grow.  When designing, I do this by engaging in numerous studies that require me to wear multiple hats and think like a product manager.

Being born in the city that never sleeps and working in fast paced environments has helped me work with diverse teams and demonstrate value fast and often. Heck, I’ve even done crazy things like conduct a usability test in Spanish! Who knew that would be a thing in my career? I didn’t, but like every other design challenge that’s thrown my way I rise to the challenge.

My design processes are informed by doing numerous design studies around concept validation, engaging with customers through contextual research and reviewing data and analytics. Aside from making products more accessible to users, I manage my time so that post-launch activities are present to measure overall growth for the business problem being addressed. If this all sounds good to you and want to kickstart something together – let’s get in touch.