My role as a senior designer at Mobcrush was to brainstorm with business development folks, product managers, and developers  to come up with requirements, create landing pages and produce visual design for marketing assets for a new mobile app called INPVP


The App Store on your iPhone is flooded with tons of apps, so competition is tough. INPVP’s previous app screen shots didn’t portray the app’s true value or what it delivered to the gaming community, resulting in gamers moving on to something else.


The screenshots presented on the App Store did not truly represent Mob Crush’s value. Gamers reaching the INPVP hoped to find a game server where they could connect and share their game plays with friends. Given the visual presence on the App Store, a gamer would take a glance and move on elsewhere. There was potential therefore to give a more representational appearance onto this platform and grow Mob Crush’s gamer base.

A major component of the INPVP app is that it was created with the massive Minecraft gaming community in mind, so I came up with a look and feel for the app screenshots that delivered a similar experience. Each slide represents a feature within the app and how it amplifies their gaming experience. Since developing this, the App Store screenshots have been published and are now in the iOS and Google Play App Store.

In addition to coming up with the app store visuals I created a simple lander page to promote the app to the gaming community.